G & K Automotive Services | Importing
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G&K can help in the importation of all types of vehicles


Choose G&K Automotive to import your auto, car, truck, van, SUV, exotic car, vintage car, classic car, tractor trailers or other vehicles to the United States.

Importing vehicles into the United States requires the permission and approval from US Federal governmental agencies and depending on the destination State agencies.  There are several options for importation. The agencies that would provide permission or approval follow safety and emission regulations that are included in the Code of Federal Regulations in different chapters.


If a vehicle is being imported to stay in the USA permanently it would need to comply with US Federal DOT and EPA standards.  It would also need to comply with that States requirements of where it’s being registered.


If the vehicle is being imported temporarily it also requires permission and must meet the requirements under the category of temporary importation.   Temporary importation can be for 1 year depending on the reason for importation.  Temporary importation is allowed mostly for non-residents.  There are also temporary importation rules for testing, demonstration, and development which require pre-approval before importation.


All vehicles need to clear through US customs and most require customs bond and agency bonds depending on the type of importation.


In order to bring a car to our facility it has to be cleared through customs. We need the following documents in order to clear a car through customs: