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Price Quote

Contact G&KĀ for a Price Quote Today

The conversion charge depends on the Year Make and Model of the vehicle you would like to import. Please check the Department of Transportation website vehicle eligibility list to see if your vehicle is on the list of eligible cars that can be imported and modified. If your vehicle is on the list please use the form below for a price quote.


If your vehicle is not on DOT’s vehicle eligibility list, we may be able to petition DOT to have your vehicle added to the list. We accept petition vehicles on a case by case basis. If you would like us to consider your vehicle for the petition process, please use the form below as well. Once we receive your request, we will review the information and respond.

    This vehicle is on the listThis vehicle is a petition requestNeed DOT (safety) and or EPA (emissions) and or CARB ( California emissions)Manufacturer request for compliance servicesNeed California CARB (emissions) onlyI am not sure what I need

    Engine make (OEM or Other):

    Fuel injectedCarbureted

    Two Wheel DriveFour Wheel Drive

    Where is the vehicle located now?

    Where are you planning on registering the vehicle?

    What modifications do you need?

    If your vehicle is Canadian is it equipped with TPMS (tire pressure monitor system):